Publishing a Plugin

QIIME 2 is officially distributed as a set of pre-built conda packages. conda allows for the creation of version-specific packages, from known sources, to be specified at install-time - ensuring that users of QIIME 2 get a consist installation and usage experience.

conda Channels

The notion of distribution channels are supported in conda, with the main public clearinghouse for those channels being hosted at

All QIIME 2 packages are built using the following channels, in the following resolution order:

  • qiime2/label/r20XY.Z

  • qiime2

  • conda-forge

  • defaults

  • bioconda

  • biocore

python, conda , and conda-build Versions

QIIME 2 is currently built against python 3.5 - plans to produce 3.6 (and once released, 3.7) packages are currently slated for Q3 2018.

QIIME 2 currently requires users to have installed the latest version of conda (this is the testing strategy employed by busywork) - while plans exist for supporting multiple versions in the future, this requirement has allowed testing strategies to remain simplified during the initial plannning and creation of QIIME 2.

Packages built for conda are created using conda-build - it is currently assumed that core packages are all built using conda-build 3.8.1, however there is no known reason why other (recent) versions of conda-build couldn’t be used to create packages.

Sample Build Recipe

The following build recipe is adapted from the q2-taxa build recipe:

  name: q2-taxa
  version: 2018.6.0

  path: ../..

  script: make install

    - python 3.5*
    - setuptools
    - nodejs

    - python 3.5*
    - setuptools
    - pandas
    - qiime2 2018.6.*
    - q2templates 2018.6.*
    - q2-types 2018.6.*

    - q2_taxa
    - qiime2.plugins.taxa

  license: BSD-3-Clause
  license_family: BSD

Sample Build Command

The following build command is adapted from the generic busywork build recipe:

conda build -q \
  # these local dependencies are probably not necessary for most plugins,
  # but is common in the core plugins due to q2-types, and other
  # wide-reaching plugins, changes often need to be coordinated across
  # multiple plugins, so these local builds ensure those changes are
  # available where necessary.
  -c ./path/to/qiime2-local-build \
  -c ./path/to/q2templates-local-build \
  -c ./path/to/q2-types-local-build \
  -c \
  -c \
  -c defaults \
  -c \
  -c \
  --override-channels \
  --python 3.5 \
  --output-folder ./path/to/output \